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Maths tuition in Prestwich, Manchester with Joan Kennedy BSc (Hons), QTS, Cert Ed.

Maths Tuition offered at a range of levelsConfidence Building, Exam practice and Success

As a skilled and experienced maths tutor I delight in helping students to:

  • Highlight and master any areas of weakness or misunderstanding.
  • Tackle new topics with confidence and enjoyment.
  • Exceed their assumed exam potential.

About Me, Joan Kennedy

I am a fully qualified maths teacher and tutor with over 20 years experience in schools and colleges in Manchester.


What Levels do I Tutor?

School students from Key Stage 2 to A level, undergraduates and numeracy skills students.


Tuition Methods

What happens during maths tuition, meeting for the first time, frequency and fees.


Courses and Past Papers

Details of courses I can help you with and samples of exam past papers.


Get in Touch

To find out more about what I can offer please phone or email.